Here is some information about Sunday as well as check-out information.

Our staff will be on site at 8am, and we will be open to our attendees at 9am.

Sunday will be more relaxed than today. We typically see about 30-40% of the attendees compared to Saturday.


We will be promoting a Sunday Sale to increase our Sunday traffic. We are asking sellers to discount their items to drive more traffic. The discount will be entirely up to you and not required. People love deals!


There will be no official check-out, but please do not pack up your stuff until 3pm as we still have shoppers who came for happy hour. We want to be courteous to our attendees who want to shop. We have to completely vacate the building by 530pm.

You will not be able to bring your car into the gates until 3pm. This is for the safety of our attendees.


There will be donation trucks from St. Vincent de Paul, Big Brother Big Sister and Mission Thrift. Please keep in mind that they can only accept certain items and have limited capacity. With this in mind, please do not leave any trash at the facility! We have had problems with this in the past.


We welcome feedback from our vendors! There were a few issues. We understand your frustrations, and we appreciate the immediate feedback. This is the only way that we can continue to grow. Please feel free to reach out via email and fill out our survey here. We will be giving one lucky winner $50!

If you enjoyed being a vendor at our event, please give us a review on Google! This will help us for our future events!

If you have questions, you can visit our booth or call us directly at 253-693-8349. We’re happy to help!