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FAQ for Event Attendees

Hey! Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive. We hope that this will be helpful to you!

What is the address to Thriftapalooza?

There is no specific address to the Green Gate. You can google maps “Thriftapalooza” and it should take you to the Green Gate. Once you get to the fairgrounds, you can refer to this map here:

Are you in the same building as last time at the Washington State Fair Events Center?

No, our 2023 location will be via the Green Gate. You can access the Green Gate via Fairview Drive. We will be in the AgriPlex and Tractor Supply Arena.

Do you take credit cards?

It is up to the individual sellers to determine what type of payment methods to receive. We will be accepting credit card payments at the door.

What are the prices on the items at Thriftapalooza?

We do not determine the prices of our vendors, but we do target more garage sellers to sell at our events than other types of sellers. The garage sellers are where you might see the lowest price points.

Where do I park?

You can park via the Green Gate parking. There should be plenty of parking available at this location.

Is parking free?


Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, only service dogs are allowed.

If I buy an early bird ticket, do I have access for the remainder of the day?


Will there be wi-fi?

Why, yes.

Can I exit and re-enter?

Yes, this will allow you to fill up your car and then come back to do more shopping!

Will there be food?

Yes, there will be food. We will have boba, fair foods, scones, coffee, and popcorn.

Can I bring a wagon?


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, but we do recommend purchasing tickets in advance. Prepaid tickets will have priority if the facilities are full.

Are there ATMs on site?


Is the event indoors?

Yes and no. The majority of our vendors will be in the AgriPlex (fully covered) and Tractor Supply Arena (partially covered). We may have some vendors in uncovered common areas as well.

We hope this is helpful, and we’re excited to see you at Thriftapalooza!

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