FAQ for Sellers and Vendors

Why is it cheaper for a general reseller/garage seller?

Our primary focus is for people to sell items that would otherwise end up in the landfill and therefore, our goal is to make it more affordable for people who just want to get rid of some things that other people might be able to use. There is very limited space for businesses, and we are selective about which businesses can attend.

Do I need a business license?

No, you do not need a business license to be a general reseller/garage seller.

Do I need to pay taxes? Will transactions be recorded?

Concerning taxes, everyone’s tax situation is unique, and we always recommend consulting a specialist for your specific situation. General IRS tax advice is you would treat this sale as a normal garage sale, and if you are selling items from around your house that you are selling for a “loss”, you do not need to claim these on your taxes. For instance, if you bought a jacket for $100 and are selling it for $50, you do not need to claim taxes as you are selling for a “loss.” You only need to claim taxes on items that you purchased and are selling for a profit. Transactions will not be recorded.

How do I need to set up my booth?

You can set up your 10×10 space however you see fit. Although, a few decorations and walls might help sales. Tables and racks also might be useful to keep items at eye level for your buyers. Wall space is available upon request on a first come, first served basis.

I don’t have enough items to sell. Can I share a booth with a friend?

Yes! Vendor/seller space comes with a limited number of extra vendor badges.

Can I bring my own tables and chairs?

Yes, you can bring as many tables and chairs that can fit into your 10×10 space. You can purchase additional space if it is available.

Can I purchase tables and chairs at a later time?

Yes, we only need about one week notice for these items. You can purchase them through the payment link or you can reach out to us directly. Last minute additions will be subject to an additional charge from the facility.

Can I set up a canopy for my booth?

Yes, as long as it fits within your 10×10 space. This might also help provide space so that you can hang items from, but we do recommend removing the tarp to allow better lighting and also, it won’t be raining indoors.

Can I bring clothing racks and shelving?

Yes, you can bring anything you like to help organize your space and sell your items.

I’m worried about my items overnight. Will there be security?

Yes, there will be security on site. We will also have cameras overnight set up throughout the premises. We are also asking that sellers cover their items overnight as an added measure.

How do customers pay?

You can choose any form of payment you like. There will be ATMs on site if you prefer cash. You can also easily set up a Paypal, Stripe, Square, Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle. Please reach out if you need help with any of these methods. We will not be tracking your sales.

Am I required to sell on both days?

Yes, it is a 2 day event and we are asking sellers to be present on both days unless you mostly sell out. You can restock your inventory as needed.

Can I bring in extra items throughout the weekend to fill up my booth?

Yes! We encourage this!

Are kids free?

Yes! Kids are free under 12.

Can I use an outlet to charge my phone?

Unfortunately, outlets are not readily available unless you purchase power to your space from the facility. We will have power at our booth that we are willing to share to charge small electronics on a first come/first served basis.

Will there be wi-fi?


Can I leave my items that I don’t want and donate it to your charity?

Yes! Most clothing, decor, and small housewares can be accepted by our partner charity, St. Vincent de Paul and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound.

Will the sale be indoors? What if it rains?

Yes, the event will be indoors with some booths and food outdoors.

My friend and I both have booths, can we get booths next to each other?

Yes, we can accommodate this as long as there is still space available. You can email us directly or note it in your application.

How do I apply for Thriftapalooza?

You can apply by clicking on this link here: https://thriftapalooza.org/vendor/

General FAQ

  1. Vendors and sellers must set up by Friday at 630pm. Set up will be available on Friday from 10am to 630pm. Thriftapalooza will be on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Fee is total for both days and is not fully-refundable.
  3. Sellers can donate accepted items to our selected charity if they do not wish to transport these items back home.
  4. Power is available for an additional fee.
  5. All sellers and vendors are eligible for additional vendor passes. These cannot be transferred or sold.
  6. Tables and chairs can be rented from the facility for an additional charge.