Thriftapalooza Reseller Payment Page

Scroll all the way down to make payment and secure your spot at Thriftapalooza!

By making a purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. Vendors and sellers must set up by Friday at 5pm. Setup will be available on Friday from 12pm-5pm. Thriftapalooza will be on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Fee is total for both days and is not fully-refundable.
  3. Sellers can donate accepted items to our chosen non-profit if they do not wish to transport these items back home.
  4. Lessee agrees that only accepted and salvageable items will be donated.
  5. Power is available for an additional fee.
  6. Additional tables and chairs can be rented from the facility for an additional charge.
  7. Vendors shall not pack up until 3pm on Sunday. Tear down will be completed by 6pm on Sunday.
  8. Businesses agree to pay applicable taxes and provide tax revenue number if requested by facility.
  9. Lessee agrees to remove all items after completion of the event and remove trash from event facility.
  10. Vendors will forfeit their space if set up is not completed by Friday. There will be no Saturday set up.
  11. Spaces are 10′ x 10′. Vendors can purchase additional space if space is available by selecting additional quantity at checkout.
  12. Drugs, firearms, and pornography may not be sold at Thriftapalooza.
  13. No stolen or illegal items will be sold at the Thriftapalooza.
  14. Tables, chairs, and power can be rented at an additional cost and purchased via vendor checkout link.
  15. Thriftapalooza is not responsible for any theft or sales tax issues.
  16. Spaces cannot be transferred without contacting Thriftapalooza staff.
  17. Lessee agrees that spaces are not refundable if these terms are broken.
  18. If lessee violates any of these terms, they forfeit their rights to sell at future events.
  19. Fee is for both days and is not fully-refundable.
  20. All sellers and vendors will receive 4 vendor passes that cannot be transferred or sold.
  21. Sellers must arrive 15 minutes prior to event opening.
  22. Sellers and vendors must cover their areas with cloth or draping after setup is complete on Friday.
  23. All vendors must agree to not use plastic bags for customer checkout. Paper bags are acceptable.
  24. By making this payment, I hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract.

For additional questions, email support@thriftapalooza.org.

You can also pay with this link here.